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28 Jul

It’s Wednesday morning, and I’ve been up and awake since 7:15am. There were plans of an oil change, doctor visits, a sort of rushy morning. However, there were leftovers from the paving project last night on my street, and they were blocking me into my driveway. Literally, a giant flatbed, sent to pick up and take away all the fancy paving equipment, blocking me into my abode.


Instead of running errands and doing boring things, I’ve found myself taking it slow, sitting with my coffee, watching the sun come up over the neighborhood. I’m on my third cup, the cat and dog have been fed, I don’t have anything to do until about 11am. The air conditioning has been on all night, and the house is the perfect kind of coolness, and I’m falling back in love with my house, with my neighborhood, with everything that’s in between these four walls, with everything that is going to happen in the coming months. It’s amazing the simple, unexpected things that make a day special.