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7 Jul

There is nothing more exciting to me than a blank page. I stare at one every week around this time, tossing my ideas around in my head and trying to come up with the perfect opening sentence.

I’m back where I started this week, in terms of location – there is a Starbucks down the street from campus, and while I hate their coffee and food, I used to come here every week while I was in school. I used to sit here for hours and hours, writing papers or stories or the occasional song, because I could never get access to the Internet which meant I could get stuff done without distraction.

There were lots of distractions, however, but the good kind. I always sat in this one chair, far back in the corner. My stuff was spread out all around me (much like today), and a friend once told me I resembled a tiny fort, all closed off from the world with my iPod and laptop and coffee and books and bag. I liked it that way. I could write, without interruption. I could watch people, drink my coffee, be completely anti-social and it was ok because everyone else was, too. I did my best writing at times like that. Maybe that says something about my personality, and I won’t argue with a free interpretation, because I feel like myself when I’m writing and when I’m immersed in a crowd, anonymous to the rest of the world, no matter what people may say to discourage my habit.

Because there is something about coffee shops that appeal to me. There is nothing I like more than taking my laptop, getting some coffee, and chilling all afternoon, tucked away in a corner. In the summer, it’s a nice break from the humidity and a chance to drink a fun summertime drink (lemonade? sweet tea?). And in the winter, it’s a perfect place to be warm and cozy and have nice things like hot chocolate or cider. Especially during Christmastime, with the lights and nice smells and busy people and early nighttime and decorations and Christmas music. It makes me feel at home. But my love of seasons and holidays and the reasons for it is another blog post, one which I will perhaps write next week.