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12 May

For some reason, this year more than any other in recent memory, I am looking forward to summer.  Not just a passive wishing, though, no.  This is a full bodied yearn, a fervent desire, almost palpable.  My insides are happy when the sun falls through the fresh green leaves, and when I can walk outside in the afternoon to warm temperatures.  I can’t even think about cold weather, or snow, or ice.  We had enough of that this year, and I think I’ve gotten my own personal taste of the North, and thank you, but no thank you.  I’m a Southern girl, through and through – no more ice.  Ever.  Except in my sweet tea.

Moving beyond the simple meteorological aspect of these upcoming months, I am also rather excited for the events the summer will bring.  From wild and crazy nannying (where I will get in the pool and get a tan), to reviewing books, to teaching a dear friend how to play her guitar, this summer is going to, quite simply, rock.

I’m happy here, in this little condo in eastern Sandy Springs.  The air is on, as are the lights, and dinner is awaiting the arrival of the boy while tainting the house with the smell of spicy sausage and dirty rice.  We’re getting cable and internet installed on Saturday, and mom and I have been exercising every night, which makes me feel an interesting kind of energized.

It’s interesting to me how we spend our evenings.  Ry watches shows or plays games on the desktop in the bedroom, while I settle on the left side of the couch, laptop in lap and / or book in hand.  For example, tonight Ry is watching Craig Ferguson (interviewing the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, one of our favorite shows) and I’m settled into the couch cushions, a  new Word doc open and about to write a book review.  I write my reviews in fun fonts; I pick the one that reflects the tone of the book.  This most current book was about a circus, so the script is stylish, wavy, with flourishes here and there.  In any case, the coffee is brewing and the lights are all on, and I’m loving this life right now.  It’s peaceful, seemingly right on track, and while nothing is perfect I’m feeling pretty damn close.

And…my birthday.  Is.  In.  Three.  Weeks.  Three weeks from today, actually, and I can’t wait.  Lots of fun things planned, three days worth, actually, because one only turns 25 once!  That day will also mark the commencement of my new, freshly improved daisyflyover, a daisyflyover in which I, Laura, will write every day.  YES, you read that correctly, dear readers, it’s my own personal 365-day project.  I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon.  We will see how this goes.



23 Oct

Tonight, I was curious.

So I settled down in my big chair, turned on the food network, and scrolled through my Facebook wall, looking at all the status updates and things that have happened since this time last year.

Things change. Really, really quickly and a lot.

For instance. One year ago today, I dropped my first barista job at a local coffeehouse, and wrote a tidy rant about it.

This time last year, I had two internships and two jobs. I had a boyfriend. I lived at home, and was skinnier. I was tired and sick all the time. Pa-Pa was still in the hospital. I was actually writing songs, and performing them.

Life is different, this time around. My life has done a complete 180, and most of the above paragraph is not my life anymore. I finally have only one job. I have my own place. I’m getting enough sleep, and I won’t get pneumonia. Pa-Pa is, as you’ve read in blogs past, safely at home, as healthy and wonderful as ever.

I could complain, say what a wasted year 2009 was, curse that entire year and the problems it brought me. But what’s the use? That won’t change anything. It happened, it’s in the past, and there’s no point in wasting your energy obsessing about the past when you’re living in the present. Besides, all the crap that happened last year made me into the person I am right now. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing or be with who I’m with right now if I’d made other turns, or other decisions, or if anything had happened differently. Under the Tuscan Sun (awesome movie, one to watch while in bed with your blankets and pillows) put it best:

“Any arbitrary turning along the way, and I would be elsewhere. I would be different. Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.”


8 Oct

My dear friend Amanda and I went to see the band Guster about two weeks ago. A former fellow Ogle, she now goes to Emory and it was their Homecoming weekend. Apparently, they have a rocking entertainment board, as there was a very professional looking stage, a very professional sounding band, and free pizza and beer, not to mention the Indigo Girls the next night.

Again, I wish I’d gone to Emory. But we digress.

We met at this kick-ass Starbucks on campus about an hour before show time, to chat and catch up and be general nerdy kids and talk about books, opinions, and current events. There’s no one quite like Amanda; with whom else could I talk about Sex and the City in one breath and Obama in the next, all with a healthy dose of Ogle-gossip?

We made our way across campus, almost getting lost since neither of us have ever had any reason to go near the sports center (where Guster decided they wanted to perform); upon making our entrance, THERE WAS NO ONE THERE. Literally, maybe 20 people had shown up to see this awesome band. Naturally, we then smartly made our way to the front of the stage. Now, I’ve never been on the front row for anything, ever. I was suddenly very glad that I had brought my Nikon, even though it was super heavy and made the strap of my purse cut into my shoulder.

The crowd arrived around the same time the band did. People pressed in from all sides, jumping up and down and singing along and dancing. I was so close I could hear them talking between songs; I could hear their guitar picks hit the strings; I could see their expressions and their eyes.

And it made me think.

I know what it’s like up there. I don’t think many people in that audience could say that. Most people only know what it’s like to stand in the crowd and look up…only a few of us can say that we’ve been on the stage looking out. I know what it’s like to stand behind the microphone and pour your heart into it. I know what it’s like in front of those stage lights, all bright and hot; you can only see the first few rows of people. After that, they’re all a blur. When you’re on, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Tonight, Ryan and I went to his bandmate Drej’s house, where we proceeded to spend two hours in the music room, jamming. I got behind the drums for the first time ever; I was scared at first, and a little intimidated. But by the time we were through, I was feeling good. I love being a musician, I love being able to go into a room and play any of the instruments. I love learning new things. I love being around people who love the same things I do.

It’s John Lennon’s birthday today, folks. Remember, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” It’s the best thing I can tell anyone. Don’t waste your life. Appreciate your friends. Do something new. Play some music. Sing some songs.

That’s all for this week.


16 Jun

Since I graduated from college, big decisions have never come easily to me. There used to be a thousand things I wanted to do – all sounding either fun, or easy, or profitable, or perhaps an idea that let me get long vacations or summers off. It got so bad, recently, that I switched career ideas ever week, dozens of post-its littering my desk with half-baked ideas scribbled on them.

To give myself some credit, though, my usual snappy decision making probably shouldn’t be applied to something as big as a career choice – it’s not like I’m buying a pair of shoes that I can return if they’re too tight in the toes. This is real, real life even, and make the wrong move and you can be taken back to the beginning, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, even if it gives you blisters on your heels.

No pressure or anything.

But, finally, it’s settled. Grad school, lots of babysitting, and of course, lots of writing are combining to form my future. Hopefully one day after that there will be gainful employment of the writing variety. I’m confident. It’s going to work out, in some way or another, and I’m just glad I have a plan and an idea and something to work towards after a year and a half of waiting around. The world looked a little brighter today, and I felt like something heavy had been lifted off my shoulders.

Now, it’s time for more lists, permanent ones, and the GRE and letters from those who know me well and can sing my praises. Let’s hope this is the shoe that fits.

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”  ~Marilyn Monroe


9 Jun

I started a new job this past Saturday.Seems like most of the posts in this blog have been about me starting or ending a job.I’m hoping this one will stick around for awhile, though.Yet another coffee shop, just like everyone says an English major should do.That doesn’t bother me too much, though, because as long as I’m happy and can pay the bills, I’m fine.

I spent three hours today at the neighborhood pool with my other job.Jackson – my four-year-old I watch – had swim lessons, and then four of his little friends showed up and we spend a glorious afternoon in the sunshine.My chest is a little red, as I always forget to put sun block there, but it’s ok.I’m sitting on the couch reveling in the happy tiredness that always comes from a good pool afternoon.I like it there – I’ve never really been a part of that kind of community, only seen it on occasional visits with friends and Facebook pictures.But today, for the first time, I was there, and I knew people, and I felt at home and included and comfortable with a group of people I never thought I’d feel ok with.Something has changed in me, some part of me is comfortable with the family idea and living that life.I’m seeing things clearly, now, and the future that was so fuzzy for so long is slowly coming into focus.I can make out lines and edges, likes and dislikes, decisions that will be made soon.It’s coming closer, and that feels better than anything ever could.

This isn’t my best blog post, or the one where I explain everything correctly so everyone feels it.But that’s ok.It’s the one where something changes, and I recognize it, and that’s what counts.

Until next week.