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18 May

As clichéd as this sounds, it’s quite hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I started this blog.  Things have changed; yet some things have stayed exactly the same.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which things match this description, unless you dig down, sifting aside the mundane…maybe, eventually, you’ll uncover what really matters.  But does it really matter without the dust of the everyday?

As I sit here writing this morning, the gears of opportunity, luck, and talent are turning.  Did I mention that I’m writing book reviews for Random House?  My good friend George with Peerless Bookstore set me up with this gig; they sent me the first book, a few weeks ago, wrapped in paper and addressed to me.  The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern, was in short, perfect.  It was different, yet familiar.  Magical, yet with realistic tendencies.  I pretty much want to marry it.  Anyhow, the review I wrote (which you can find here) was sent back to Random House…and they loved it.  I was nervous, actually, as I spent too much time staring at the screen and trying to make my words convey how much I loved it.  I didn’t think it worked; apparently I was wrong.  There’s talk of a book club (that I would host??) and a competition, though I’m not sure of what kind of competition or what the prize would be.  But they liked it, and I have this feeling in my gut that this could really be something.

In other news, reading and reviewing The Night Circus made me quite anxious to start writing more of my own stuff.  I have some ideas, but have been delayed with worried ideas of lack of theme, narrative arc, and other kinds of writing terms that don’t mean much to the common reader but mean a lot to a writer.

Other than that, my time has been taken up by nannying, planning birthdays (mine and Ry’s), reading blogs and reading books.  It’s a good life.

I’m also starting a jogging program next week.  Running of any sort is not something I really want to do, but being healthy unfortunately, and fitting into my old jeans, is.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about that next week.



15 Jul

I had coffee with a friend late last night at Caribou in midtown, and she made a comment about a mutual friend of ours being in a “transitional” stage of life. Things are changing, he’s coming into himself, he’s realizing what needs to be appreciated and what doesn’t, and coming to terms with the surprises life holds.

It’s happening a lot lately.

I feel like I’ve talked an awful lot about jobs and interviews and ideas these past weeks. But it’s something giant in my life that changes daily, and interesting insights are always at hand. I’ve met with two of my Ogle professors, one last week, the other this morning at Starbucks. They know me better than any career coach ever could – they’ve seen me as a freshman, they’ve seen me win the Anne River Siddons award my senior year of college. They saw me play my music in public for the first time and they watched me walk across the stage wearing my cap and gown. They taught me how to write – creatively, critically, and everything in between. And no one can tell me my chances of being successful better than they can.

I came away from both meetings with ideas, a handful of contacts and a new resolve that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. I think I’m ready now. I think I’m ready to take life by the horns and yank it around to face me. It’s time to take control, get off the sidelines and into the game.

It’s going to work. I’m going to be a successful writer. Just you watch.


9 Jun

I started a new job this past Saturday.Seems like most of the posts in this blog have been about me starting or ending a job.I’m hoping this one will stick around for awhile, though.Yet another coffee shop, just like everyone says an English major should do.That doesn’t bother me too much, though, because as long as I’m happy and can pay the bills, I’m fine.

I spent three hours today at the neighborhood pool with my other job.Jackson – my four-year-old I watch – had swim lessons, and then four of his little friends showed up and we spend a glorious afternoon in the sunshine.My chest is a little red, as I always forget to put sun block there, but it’s ok.I’m sitting on the couch reveling in the happy tiredness that always comes from a good pool afternoon.I like it there – I’ve never really been a part of that kind of community, only seen it on occasional visits with friends and Facebook pictures.But today, for the first time, I was there, and I knew people, and I felt at home and included and comfortable with a group of people I never thought I’d feel ok with.Something has changed in me, some part of me is comfortable with the family idea and living that life.I’m seeing things clearly, now, and the future that was so fuzzy for so long is slowly coming into focus.I can make out lines and edges, likes and dislikes, decisions that will be made soon.It’s coming closer, and that feels better than anything ever could.

This isn’t my best blog post, or the one where I explain everything correctly so everyone feels it.But that’s ok.It’s the one where something changes, and I recognize it, and that’s what counts.

Until next week.