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19 Aug

It has recently come to my attention that everyone around me is making goals. From Weight Watchers meetings (where they encourage it) to senior classrooms across the state (where they encourage it even more), it seems the average Atlantan’s life isn’t complete or even fully realized until one has some semblance of a goal, or even a far fetched plan or half-baked idea.

And really, what would our lives be without goals? That’s what got me through my college days and years, the goal of graduating and being finished with school and having a real life and that illustrious Bachelor of Arts degree. That giant diploma, the ability to jump headlong into any situation and wave people back, proclaiming in a loud voice that yes, I can handle this, I am a college graduate!

That day came and went, and I was left in the middle of the war zone that is the economy. Being an English major, I was never guaranteed a job upon graduation, and I knew and expected this. But being an English major and graduating into one of the worst economies in memory was enough to throw anyone into upheaval. I was lost without my goals. I was wandering, aimlessly, in the wilderness, trying to navigate and not doing a very good job at all.

Eventually, things settled down. My wide and varied list of goals has narrowed to something I believe is achievable. I remind myself of this list daily, and I know that one day, one way or another, I will achieve my goals. I read somewhere, recently, that you should write down a list of things you want to achieve. Read it aloud every morning and every night, and, by the power of positive thinking, at the end of six months you will have what is on your list.

I don’t know about that; I’m not really one to buy into all this new age positive thinking stuff. But they’re written down. I can see them, both literally and in my mind. The path is getting clearer every day. I finally have something to work toward, and that fact is what helps me rest easy at night.