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6 May

This is the season when words that you speak sometimes aren’t enough.  Tomorrow, some of my old friends from Oglethorpe will graduate, will wake up too early, walk across a hot stage in front of those they love and take that giant step into life.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I feel it like it was yesterday.

However, my current life is full of babysitting, reading, writing, and the occasional concert.  Just this week, for instance, The Decemberists came to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center; Ry and I, of course, went to see them.

Quite frankly, they are poets.  They can weave words and melodies into something more than song, something almost ethereal.  You feel it.  From love songs to lyrics inspired by Japanese folk tales, The Decemberists music is an experience.  I’ve been singing their songs all week now, as always happens after a good live show.

Today, I added some Fleetwood Mac to the mix, mainly Rumours, but others as well.  Then last night while cleaning the bathroom I started to sing that graduation song from around ten years ago…the silly Vitamin C one, where she’s singing how no matter what happens we’ll all be friends forever.  The one line that kept circling in my head was, “So we talked all night about the rest of our lives, where we gonna be when we turn 25?”  I remember singing that in highschool and thinking 25 was so far away…ages, in fact, so far in the distance that I couldn’t even see it.  25, actually, is three weeks and six days away.  Where am I?

I’m in a damn good place.  I like my life.  And though it isn’t exactly traditional, it’s perfect for me.  It’s heading in the right direction, and I feel completely in control.  I know what I want, therefore, I will go get it.

From there, since my birthday is always my own personal summer kick-off, I decided I wanted to make a Summer Playlist.  Maybe that will tie in with graduation songs, of which I have plenty.

Music is amazing.  It makes you feel…it makes you dance…it helps you say things you wouldn’t be able to say otherwise.

When words fail…music speaks.

Happy graduation, all my young friends.  The world is giant and waiting for you.  Have lots of fun.


25 Sep

Much is happening these days, and inspiration hasn’t struck. Though Mr. Wonka and Mr. Edison were correct in the idea that genius is only 1% inspiration, the 99% perspiration part hasn’t struck, either. However, I refuse to let you down, loyal readers.

I spent the afternoon at Ikea with my roommate, and we spent quite a long time in the kitchen section, dreaming about a possible future house where we have lots of money and can afford one of these fancy-pants kitchens. I’m a giant nerd, I love flipping through Southern Living and Real Simple, making plans for a far off dream. Some people make fun of me; but I just smile and ignore them. How can I know what I want out of life without looking at all the choices?

Tomorrow I have a coffee/business meeting with a representative of the Chamblee Farmers Market (you can find them here). They are looking for someone to join their marketing team, to write various articles for the newsletter and for other local publications. I’m excited, not only for the opportunity to write things professionally again but also for the byline and experience. This is a big thing for me.

Finally, I got up early yesterday morning and went for a nice mile and a half power walk. My legs are sore today, but it’s a good sore. If I can keep getting up early, this might be the start of something very, very good. Running the Peachtree Road Race is on my list of things to do before I die, and I hope to realize that goal in the next two years.

That’s all for this week, folks. I’m loving this blog, it’s become a dear part of me and my week, and I will be sad when a year is up. But I’m certainly glad you are here to share this with me. Thanks for sticking with it and reading. Love!


16 Jun

Since I graduated from college, big decisions have never come easily to me. There used to be a thousand things I wanted to do – all sounding either fun, or easy, or profitable, or perhaps an idea that let me get long vacations or summers off. It got so bad, recently, that I switched career ideas ever week, dozens of post-its littering my desk with half-baked ideas scribbled on them.

To give myself some credit, though, my usual snappy decision making probably shouldn’t be applied to something as big as a career choice – it’s not like I’m buying a pair of shoes that I can return if they’re too tight in the toes. This is real, real life even, and make the wrong move and you can be taken back to the beginning, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, even if it gives you blisters on your heels.

No pressure or anything.

But, finally, it’s settled. Grad school, lots of babysitting, and of course, lots of writing are combining to form my future. Hopefully one day after that there will be gainful employment of the writing variety. I’m confident. It’s going to work out, in some way or another, and I’m just glad I have a plan and an idea and something to work towards after a year and a half of waiting around. The world looked a little brighter today, and I felt like something heavy had been lifted off my shoulders.

Now, it’s time for more lists, permanent ones, and the GRE and letters from those who know me well and can sing my praises. Let’s hope this is the shoe that fits.

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”  ~Marilyn Monroe