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25 May

This week is a good week.  Why, you may ask.  Well, here is a numbered list that will hopefully answer that question.

  1. New things!  Last Tuesday night, mom and I made the exciting journey down to Virginia Highlands to pick up a coffee table I’d found on CraigsList.  It’s beautiful.  Simply wonderful.  And perfect for our space.  Instead of the dark, modern, rather boring and cheap Ikea coffee table we’d had for a while, this one (from Pottery Barn!) magically, and completely accidentally, matches the couch.  The base is wrought iron, with a nice shelf; the top is a dark wood, distressed by both the factory and by the people’s kids.  If I had a picture, I would include it – until then, you’ll just have to use your imagination.  Deal?  In addition to an awesome new table (that makes me feel like a grown-up), Ry became the proud new owner of a plant yesterday.  The mall was restocking its foliage, and had no use for this poor green fellow.  He is living on our porch until we can figure out if it’s poisonous to doggies and kitties, but I think I should name him.  He’s very tall and green, and leafy.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Friends!  Last night, dear Kristy and I went to Cafe Intermezzo, our restaurant of choice.  This is where we spend our days, catching up over dessert and a mixture of coffee, tea, and as of last night, dirty martini’s.  Time spent with her is always excellent, as good conversation is always the rule and never the exception.  I always come away with good laughs and a list of books to read. Friday night brings another journey, this time to Loganville where another old friend lives, and where we will play guitar, perhaps outside with a bonfire.  Saturday is the weekend, and a weekend date with my old friend Kristen.  Her husband is out of town, so we’re going to visit the pool (!!) while Ry is at work, then go out for some drinks and dinner after he gets home.  These weeks are rich with excitement and fun – maybe that’s what summer is all about.
  3. Exercise!  As I write this, I am racing against the clock, as it’s time for me to head to the gym for my 20 minutes of jogging.  Bother.  I started on Monday, and since then my calves, thighs, and hips have been yelling at me every time I get up and try to walk around.  BUT, I am very excited to see where this leads.  I want to run the Peachtree, preferably next year, so there is no better time to start than the present.  In all honesty, though, it’s time to be healthy.  I’m going to be 25 in one week, and since my last birthday my migraines have returned with a vengeance.  It’s time to kick them in the butt, rather than the other way around.

Alas, dear readers, the time has come for me to sign off.  I appreciate your comments, however, and urge you to leave as many as you want.  Really.  😉

Until next week.