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7 Aug

We got lost last night. Horribly, miserably lost.

The thing is, we were supposed to take the road left when it forked. We forgot about that, because really, the fork wasn’t all that clear. And we didn’t realize how off-course we were until the concrete under our wheels turned to brick and the road name turned to something we’d never seen before.

I sat there in the passenger seat, trying to be helpful but almost too tired to think. But wasn’t that what had gotten us into this in the first place? Driving through on autopilot? Sometimes, it’s good to trust your wheels to take you where you need to go. Sometimes they know better than you do.

But not this time. This time we made three more wrong turns and finally got so confused that we had to find an interstate to clear our heads and orientate us. 45 minutes later, we were back where we should have been, grumpy, tired, and cold.

It made me wonder how many other times I’d missed the fork in the road and gone somewhere completely different, because I wasn’t paying attention. Sometimes it’s good…sometimes, not so much. It’s hard work to stay on track, especially when all you have for landmarks are mistakes behind you and learned lessons in the passenger seat. That’s life, though. Make a wrong turn, get lost, find your way back, and do it again. But I’ll learn. Getting lost is what makes you learn. I’ll learn to keep better watch on the signs, to keep distractions at bay, and to always have a few select landmarks and a few select friends to keep me straight. As long as you have that, you can never truly lose your way.