6 May

This is the season when words that you speak sometimes aren’t enough.  Tomorrow, some of my old friends from Oglethorpe will graduate, will wake up too early, walk across a hot stage in front of those they love and take that giant step into life.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I feel it like it was yesterday.

However, my current life is full of babysitting, reading, writing, and the occasional concert.  Just this week, for instance, The Decemberists came to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center; Ry and I, of course, went to see them.

Quite frankly, they are poets.  They can weave words and melodies into something more than song, something almost ethereal.  You feel it.  From love songs to lyrics inspired by Japanese folk tales, The Decemberists music is an experience.  I’ve been singing their songs all week now, as always happens after a good live show.

Today, I added some Fleetwood Mac to the mix, mainly Rumours, but others as well.  Then last night while cleaning the bathroom I started to sing that graduation song from around ten years ago…the silly Vitamin C one, where she’s singing how no matter what happens we’ll all be friends forever.  The one line that kept circling in my head was, “So we talked all night about the rest of our lives, where we gonna be when we turn 25?”  I remember singing that in highschool and thinking 25 was so far away…ages, in fact, so far in the distance that I couldn’t even see it.  25, actually, is three weeks and six days away.  Where am I?

I’m in a damn good place.  I like my life.  And though it isn’t exactly traditional, it’s perfect for me.  It’s heading in the right direction, and I feel completely in control.  I know what I want, therefore, I will go get it.

From there, since my birthday is always my own personal summer kick-off, I decided I wanted to make a Summer Playlist.  Maybe that will tie in with graduation songs, of which I have plenty.

Music is amazing.  It makes you feel…it makes you dance…it helps you say things you wouldn’t be able to say otherwise.

When words fail…music speaks.

Happy graduation, all my young friends.  The world is giant and waiting for you.  Have lots of fun.

One Response to “48”

  1. S.M. May 11, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    You’ve reminded me of a story my Uncle T.M. once told me ….this is in my own little version….

    Words words words. What good are words boy if they are just words (imagine an old-hat Buckhead accent here.) What becomes of words -the writer asks? After I scratch these little characters onto the page what are they, who are they, do each of them have names? Perhaps I shall create little souls for them so that they may live on, and live as I do. The writer thinks -yet how am I do this? How am I to inject the black ink of life into these words? Ahhh with song! Yet I am not a musician says the writer. How am I to write song when I know not one musical note nor even own an instrument? I shall sing with my pen for like a musical instrument my words shall create…vibrations. I am the conductor and they are my symphony each word a key, each sentence a cadence, flowing in the rhythm of a heart beat…each character in each word so needed and wanted after the other -there could be no other; coursing the veins of my own yellowed unwritten memoir, me.

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